Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: January 14, 2011

Location: Teleconference

In attendance:

  • Liz Allen, Wellcome Trust
  • Geoff Bilder (staff)
  • Amy Brand, Harvard University Office for Scholarly Communication (minutes)
  • Martin Fenner, Hannover Medical School
  • Thomas Hickey, OCLC
  • Karen Hunter, Elsevier (alternate)
  • Veronique Kiermer, Nature Publishing Group (alternate)
  • David Kochalko, Thomson Reuters
  • Salvatore Mele, CERN
  • Ed Pentz, CrossRef
  • Howard Ratner, Nature Publishing Group (chair)
  • Bernard Rous, Association for Computing Machinery
  • Chris Shillum, Elsevier
  • MacKenzie Smith, MIT
  • Hideaki Takeda, National Institute of Informatics
  • Craig Van Dyck, Wiley
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell University Library
  • Brian Wilson, Thomson Reuters (guest; TWG Chair)
  • Michelle Lin, Thomson Reuters (counsel)



Much of the discussion at this meeting concerned legal and financial infrastructural issues. In other potential staffing developments, Board members are putting in place documents and processes to search for and hire an Executive Director sometime in 2012. The Board discussed ongoing budget development, ORCID’s reimbursement policy, the current sponsorship drive, key partnerships, and the search for ORCID legal counsel. ORCID has been awarded $25K to evaluate the VIVO code for use as core technology for the ORCID registry system; the award period runs from January 1 through August 31, 2011. The Board approved a brief Beta scope document.

Motions Passed:

  • Approval of minutes of last meeting
  • Approval of ORCID beta scope definition