ORCID Board Meeting Summary


Meeting Date: July 12, 2011

Location: Teleconference

In attendance:

  • Liz Allen, Wellcome Trust
  • Geoff Bilder, CrossRef (interim technical director)
  • Amy Brand, Harvard
  • Jackie Ewenstein, ORCID counsel
  • Martin Fenner, Hannover
  • Diane Geraci, MIT (alternate)
  • Thomas Hickey, OCLC
  • Karen Hunter, Elsevier (alternate)
  • David Kochalko, Thomson Reuters
  • Salvatore Mele, CERN
  • Ed Pentz, CrossRef
  • Howard Ratner, NPG (chair)
  • Bernard Rous, ACM
  • Chris Shillum, Elsevier
  • Hideaki Takeda, NII
  • Craig Van Dyck, Wiley
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell
  • Brian Wilson, Thomson Reuters (alternate)



Board members discussed the following topics: signatures required for expenditures, key partnerships policies for content on the ORCID website, participant outreach efforts, criteria for public launch of phase 1 system, and technical development groups. The Technical Architecture Group now consists of: Thom Hickey, OCLC; Chris Shillum, Elsevier; Simeon Warner, Arxiv; Interim Technical Director Geoff Bilder, Crossref; Mike Taylor, Elsevier; Thomas Krichel, REPEC; Ben O’Steen, JISC; Doug Gischlar, IEEE; Mummi Thorisson, University of Leicester; Travis Brooks, SLAC; Luigi Squillante, Nature; Richard Rodgers, MIT Libraries; Mark Doyle, APS;

Motions Passed:


  • Approve minutes of the May 19, 2011 meeting
  • OWG to issue press release on sponsorship and Thomson RID code following Executive Committee approval
  • OWG to continue drafting Interim Update document and distribute following Executive Committee approval
  • Agreement between ORCID and Semantico for development services will be delegated to the Executive Committee for review and approval