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  • Blog | Challenges of Measuring PID Adoption

    2017-24-03 00:00

    In this guest post, Robin Dasler, senior fellow in CERN’s Scientific Information Service and lead of the sustainability segment of the THOR Project (in which ORCID is a partner organization), shares her experience of the challenges of measuring persistent identifiers. Read her thoughts on what can be measured and how.

  • Blog | Valuing privacy and transparency

    2017-21-03 00:00

    The first in our new series of posts about issues of privacy, trust, and transparency provides an update on our compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, as well as highlighting two recent changes in our privacy policy.

  • Blog | New Feature Alert!

    2017-15-03 00:00

    Introducing a new series of short blog posts about new features to help users manage their ORCID record. This week: removing duplicate iDs, exporting to BibTeX, and filtering our search & link wizards.

  • Blog | Celebrating Pi Day the ORCID Way!

    2017-14-03 12:41


    On March 8, we celebrated the 3,141,593rd ORCID registrant - our very own version of Pi Day! Today is officially World Pi Day and we are delighted to share news of the #ORCIDPiDay winners and celebrations.

  • Blog | eLife collects ORCIDs from authors of accepted papers at proofing

    2017-07-03 16:08

    The open-access eLife journal is collecting ORCID iDs during its production process in addition to the peer-review stage. Contributing authors will now be required to provide their validated iDs at the proofing stage and gain access to their article proofs. Melissa Harrison, Head of Production Operations at eLife, shares more.

  • Blog | Meet Joe Schwarze, our Privacy Specialist

    2017-02-03 23:30

    Trust and transparency are core ORCID principles and we are delighted to introduce you to Joe Schwarze, who recently joined ORCID as our first Privacy Specialist - helping us ensure that we meet our community's needs around privacy and data security.

  • Blog | (ORCID) Pi Day is Coming!

    2017-21-02 00:00

    Pi Day – March 14 or 3/14 in US data format – is celebrated around the world. This year, ORCID is joining in the fun, as we approach our very own Pi Day, when the 3,141,593rd registrant signs up for an iD. Read about our plans and how you can get involved!

  • Blog | What's So Special About Signing In?

    2017-16-02 00:00

    You may be wondering why researchers are asked for their ORCID sign-in details  to add a new connection to their record. There are two reasons: principle (we believe researchers should always be in control of their data) and practical (we want to provide transparency and trust for all the connections ORCID helps to make). This blog post sets out how this works, why it's important, and how it helps you.

  • Blog | All About our New API: An Interview with Rob Peters, Director of Technology

    2017-13-02 22:18

    We are delighted to announce the release of our new API, version 2.0. Find out why it’s needed, how it improves upon the current API (version 1.2), and more in this interview with our Director of Technology, Rob Peters.

  • Blog | Draft display guidelines for iDs in articles open for comment

    2017-10-02 00:00

    In July 2016, we formed a community working group to update our guidelines on the display of ORCID iDs in journal articles and metadata. The group has developed a revised set of recommendations which we are now releasing for public comment. We very much want to hear from you! Send us your comments by March 31, 2017.