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  • Blog | ORCID in Asia: An Update


    Continuing our series of updates on ORCID around the world, Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Nobuko Miyairi, reports on what's been happening in her region in the past few months...

  • Blog | Supporting Researchers: ORCID and our Publishing Members


    Find out how our publisher members are helping support our goal of helping to create a strong and trusted digital research infrastructure to support the scholarly community.

  • Blog | ORCID, ABES, and IdRef - An Update from France


    Read about our recent meetings with ABES (Agence Bibliographique de l'Enseignement Superieur) and its partners in France, and our plans to work together in this post by guest author Francois Mistral. As Librarian at ABES, Francois is in charge of the authority records as well as running IdRef, the exposition of reference frames on the web, the enhancement of these records in relation to partners, the promotion of these data through international initiatives like ORCID, VIAF and ISNI, and the building of a strong and consistent network of librarians, for the production of metadata, around the country.

  • Blog | Peer Review Week - A Celebration!


    We are delighted to announce a week of celebrations in honor of peer review! An informal collaboration between ORCID, ScienceOpen, Sense About Science, and Wiley, Peer Review Week will run from September 28 - October 2, and we very much hope that the wider scholarly community will support and engage with the activities we are planning - and perhaps add some of your own!

  • Blog | Join Us in San Francisco!


    Registration for our next Outreach Meeting and Codefest in San Francisco on November 3-4 is now open. Find out more and reserve your place today!






  • Blog | We Want To Know What You Think About ORCID!


    We are surveying the ORCID community to help us better understand your needs - please take a few minutes to give us your feedback!

  • Blog | ORCID is Growing in Latin America!


    Following our recent update on ORCID in Africa and the Middle East, find out what we're up to in Latin America in this report from our Regional Director, Lilian Pessoa, which includes details of the first ORCID-hosted workshop in the region

  • Blog | ORCID in New Zealand: An Update


    In this guest post written to celebrate the University of Auckland's recent membership of ORCID, Janet Copsey, their Director of Libraries and Learning Services, provides an update on ORCID in New Zealand and how joining ORCID will help - for example, as they prepare for the 2018 Performance-Based Research Fund Quality Evaluation.  Janet has contributed to library initiatives both nationally and internationally.  She was awarded a Fellowship of the NZ Library and Information Association in 1996 for her leadership in the introduction and management of information technology in NZ libraries and was a Government appointee to the NZ Library and Information Advisory Commission for 2006 – 2009.  




  • Blog | Australian ORCID Consortium Model released for comment


    A few months after the release of the Australian ORCID Working Group's Joint Statement of Principle comes their proposal for an ORCID Consortium Model, which has just been released for comment. Read more in this guest post by Natasha Simons

  • Blog | Contributor recognition: an update on ORCID, Project CRedIT, and contributorship badges


    Contributor Role Badges

    Project CRedIT was launched in 2012 to help researchers get recognition for all their contributions to a research project - from securing funding, through carrying out the research, to writing up the results for publication. Learn how ORCID, Mozilla Science Labs, and others are making the Project CRedIT vision a reality.