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NIH testing ORCID iDs in the ScienCV platform

Laure Haak's picture

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a new ORCID subscriber. “I am really excited to hear that NIH will be joining Wellcome Trust in working to embed ORCID identifiers in grant application workflows, and we look forward to other funders signing up. ORCID promises to provide funders a means to better track research and understand the impact of our funding while reducing the burden for researchers of reporting the products of their research,' said Liz Allen, Head of Evaluation at the Wellcome Trust.

The NIH is testing the efficacy of ORCID iDs in the ScienCV platform, for linking researchers, their grants, and their scientific output. The US federal government has been working to create a fed-wide profile system to streamline the grants and contract application process and reduce the data entry burden for investigators. When launched later this year, the ScienCV prototype will provide a shared, voluntary researcher profile system for individuals who receive or are associated with research investments from federal agencies.  In development by the NIH, ScienCV will use current technologies to pull data from federal and non-federal sources.  Pilot data sources for the ScienCV project include VIVO, PubMed, LinkedIn, and import from bibliography files.

ORCID is a non-profit community-based organization that provides an open, international registry of unique and persistent identifiers for the research community. ORCID works with the research community to embed iDs into key workflows, such as grant applications, to support the automated linkage of research and researchers. Researchers may register for an ORCID iD at https://orcid.org/register. There is no fee to register for an ORCID iD or to use the registry. For more information on ORCID, please see http://about.orcid.org.