Announcing New Member Features!

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ORCID announces the launch of two premium member services: change notifications and monthly data files. Premium members now can use these features to synchronize data with the ORCID Registry.

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Change Notifications

Change Notifications (also known as Webhooks) are a new premium member feature that enable applications to be informed when an ORCID Record changes. This feature allows premium members to keep their data systems up-to-date or trigger events based on activity in an ORCID Record. Note that actual data exchange is based on privacy levels set by the ORCID iD holder and permissions this individual has granted to the member organization.

Learn more about Webhooks Change Notifications.

Premium Member Data Files

Another benefit of premium membership is the provision of monthly data files, which can be used to regularly synchronize data with that in the ORCID Registry. These files contain public Registry data and any non-public data that individuals have explicitly shared with the member organization. Non-public data use is governed by the terms of the member agreement. Public data are provided by ORCID under a CC0 waiver, and ORCID provides a set of community norms in using this data.

Learn more about managing sharing options.

We have many more exciting features to announce in the coming weeks. Keep watching this space for more information.