Humanists Rejoice! MLA International Bibliography Now Connects to ORCID

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We are delighted to announce that, as of June 17, the Modern Language Association’s prestigious MLA International Bibliography connects to ORCID.  The Bibliography joins other repositories in supporting discoverability through use of digital identifiers, and is the first primarily focused on the humanities to integrate ORCID. 

“The MLA integration goes a long way in addressing the requests we’ve been getting from humanities researchers for better support of their discipline,” said Laure Haak, ORCID Executive Director. “It addresses a serious need in the community to raise the visibility of humanities scholarship.”

The MLA International Bibliography provides access to over 2.5 million scholarly citations from print and electronic books, journals, and websites in the fields of language, literature, film, folklore, and pedagogy, making it the most comprehensive bibliography of its kind in the field.  

Twitter post about MLA integration 17 June 2015"Humanities researchers can now connect their works with their ORCID iD, directly in the Bibliography or from their ORCID account. This allows researchers to easily post their ORCID iD into their existing works, and pull their works information from the Bibliography into their ORCID account. It’s a quick process that will enable ORCID registrants working in the humanities to distinguish themselves from others with similar names, connect their works across name variations or changes, and in so doing make their body of work more discoverable.We know from MLA members how important it is that their research can be found and cited by colleagues, so we are excited to collaborate with ORCID in offering them, and humanities scholars generally, a simple way to identify their work," said Rosemary G. Feal, the executive director of the MLA.


The basic steps for connecting your MLA International Bibliography items to your ORCID iD are shown below.


(1) Log into MLA BibLink.  You may also connect to MLA BibLink after signing into your ORCID account.








(2) Search the MLA International Bibliography for your works, including those published under variant names.  The name fields will auto-populate with the name variations you have specified in your ORCID record, or you can enter this information manually.







(3) Select your works and click on the "Send to ORCID" button.  Information about your works will be posted to your ORCID record, and your ORCID iD will be stored in the MLA International Bibliography, distinguishing you from other scholars with a similar name and  making your body of works more easily discoverable as a collection connected by your identifier.