Peer Review Week Comes to an End

Alice Meadows's picture

The first ever Peer Review Week ends today and we've been thrilled with the response from the scholarly community. Although the original group behind Peer Review Week was small (10 individuals from four organizations - ORCID, ScienceOpen, Sense about Science, and Wiley), we are delighted that so many more people and organizations from right across the community have been taking part - universities and colleges, publishers and societies, manuscript submission systems, peer review organizations, and more. Between you, you have contributed dozens of blog posts, hundreds - or maybe even thousands! - of tweets, as well as videos, webinars, and more, all celebrating the vital role peer review plays in scholarly communications.

Of course,  peer review shouldn't just be celebrated once a year so we'll be continuing to publish regular posts on peer review, including updates on more of our early adopters and opinion pieces by leading figures, as well as reporting in full on this year's Peer Review Week activities and looking ahead to next year. But, in the meantime, a big thank you to everyone for your participation and support this week!