Measuring Progress: ORCID 2016 Annual Report

Laure Haak's picture

I’m delighted to announce that our 2016 annual report is now available. This year, we’ve taken a different approach to reporting on our progress, structuring the narrative on our values and including key performance indicators. Our goal is to provide our community with a clear understanding of how our values and principles inform everything we do, from hiring to workshops to APIs.

Highlights include:

  • Growing ORCID usage and adoption: 165 new members and 8 new national and regional consortia

  • More places for researchers to use their iD: over 300 ORCID integrations launched in 2016

  • Statistics on our services and infrastructure: 99.9% API and Registry uptime and 93% of user questions answered within 24 hours

  • New programs: Launch of Trust and Collect and Connect

  • Continued community engagement: 14 workshops, two outreach meetings, PIDapalooza, and over 60 presentations at meetings around the world

We hope you find our annual report a useful resource and warmly invite you to reuse the content, including images - like all our resources, they’re freely available under a CC-0 license. Please share the report with others in your community and let us know what you think.