Collect, Connect, and Communicate!

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As you know, we like to think of ORCID as plumbing in the research infrastructure.  ORCID iDs and services provide the pipes and - along with other persistent identifier and standards organizations - enable effective communications between research information systems. Our members play a crucial role in this.  You build the faucets and fountains that connect to this infrastructure.  No matter how large or small your integration (waterspout or Trevi Fountain!) it needs to work. And not just from a technical perspective but, critically, from a communications one too. Your users need to understand not just how to use your system, but also why you are using ORCID iDs and how this benefits them.

Getting your messaging right, therefore, is critical. And, from the feedback we’ve had so far, it’s also the part that many of our members struggle with.  That’s why today we are launching a second phase of our Collect & Connect program - Collect, Connect, and Communicate.

Resources now available include:

We’ll be adding to these resources in the coming months, including launching our new suite of education and outreach materials in October this year.  We will also soon be launching a new, improved version of our member page that will include more information on ORCID member integrations, including Collect & Connect badges awarded.

As a core component of our Collect and Connect program, we are reviewing our members’ ORCID communications - and, with your permission, we will be sharing effective practices with the wider ORCID community.   We would like to hear your feedback on these materials and your suggestions for other resources you’d find useful.