Celebrating #PeerRevWk17 at ORCID

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Welcome to the third Peer Review Week, which runs from September 11-17. As one of the founding organizations of this annual event in honor of peer review, we are delighted to announce a few of our own celebrations, which we hope you'll enjoy!

The theme of this year's Peer Review Week is Transparency in Review, and it has been timed to coincide with the International Peer Review Congress in Chicago, which we are attending for the first time. On Tuesday September 12, we will be participating in a special Peer Review Week panel - Under the Microscope: Transparency in Peer Review - which takes place at 5.30pm (Central Time), right after the Congress ends. The speakers are Irene Hames (independent peer review and publication ethics advisor), Elizabeth Moylan (BioMedCentral), Andrew Preston (Publons), and Carly Strasser (Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation). All Congress attendees are welcome to join the session, and it will also be live streamed on Twitter via @PeerRevWeek; a recording will be made available there after the event. Learn more on the Peer Review Week website.

On Thursday September 14 we are holding our own Peer Review Week webinar, which will both provide an overview of peer review functionality in the ORCID Registry and take a look at how its being used. As well as ORCID speakers, we will hear from Tony Alves and Alison McGonagle (Aries Systems), Kent Anderson (Redlink), Christopher Heid (Clarivate Analytics), and Stephanie Monasky (American Chemical Society) about how their organizations have implemented - or are planning to implement - our peer review functionality. Registration is free and we strongly encourage you to attend if you're interested in recognizing your reviewers' contributions by connecting their review activities to their ORCID records. This functionality is only available on our new API 2.0 - a great reason to upgrade sooner rather than later if you haven't already done so! Find out more and register on our events list.

Last, but not least, we will be celebrating Peer Review Week with a series of blog posts - a summary of the data being presented at the Peer Review Congress on uptake of ORCID's peer review functionality to date; an overview of how it works and why you should be implementing it if your researchers undertake review activities for you; and an introduction to ORCID member and partner organization, Hypothesis.

As well as the celebrations here at ORCID, many other individuals and organizations globally have organized events and activities for #PeerRevWk17, including several ORCID members. Check out this list for more information - and we hope you'll join in by following @PeerRevWeek, #PeerRevWk17, and #TransparencyInReview.