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Announcing the ORCID Board Slate for 2018

Laure Haak's picture

I am delighted to announce the slate for ORCID’s 2018 Board election, which was presented by the ORCID Nominations Committee to the Board at its recent meeting in Mexico City on 17-18 October.

We received 20 nominations for seven open positions, including a new slot for a second researcher member. Led by its Chair, Richard de Grijs, the Nominating Committee recommended the following people to serve as Board members:

More information about the slate can be found on our 2018 election page.

All ORCID members in good standing as of 23 October 2017 are eligible to vote, and we strongly encourage you to do so. Online voting will be open from November 22 – December 21, and full instructions will be sent to the official contact at each member organization by November 22.

Members also have the option to propose write-in candidates for the Board within 30 days of the slate being announced – full information can be found in our bylaws, Section III, Article 2.

On behalf of the ORCID Board and staff, thank you to Richard and the other members of the Nominations Committee for their careful work. And, a big thank you to Micah Altman (MIT) and Bernard Rous (ACM), who are rotating off the Board, for their service over the past several years.