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ORCID 2017 Public Data File Now Available

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As in previous years, we are delighted to celebrate Open Access Week by making our annual public data file available to the community under a CC-0 license.

Openness and transparency are core ORCID principles; making a publicly available version of our data available is one way that we express this commitment. The data file is a snapshot of all information on ORCID records as of early October 2017, that has a visibility setting of Everyone – one of three visibility options that ORCID record-holders can use to determine who can access the data on their record:

  • Everyone: Information marked as everyone can be viewed by anyone who comes to the website or consumed by anyone using the ORCID public API
  • Trusted parties: Information marked as trusted parties can be seen by any trusted parties (organizations or  individuals) that you have authorized to connect to your ORCID record
  • Only me: this information may only be seen by you

This year’s data file includes publicly available  information on close to four million ORCID  records, including:

  • 22m+ works
  • 290k+ awards
  • 130k+ peer review items
  • 1.7m+ education affiliations
  • 1.4m+ employment affiliations
  • 428k+ other names
  • 758k+ person identifiers
  •  500k+ researcher URLs
  • ~50k email addresses 

More information about our public data file use policy can be found here.

In the spirit of openness, we’d love to hear how our community is making use of this publicly available ORCID data – please share your projects and results with us, so we can help spread the news!