Collect & Connect using CRIS systems

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This month we share with you how simple it is for members using ORCID-enabled CRIS systems to be awarded Collect & Connect badges. In particular, we highlight how some of these systems can also be used to assert affiliation for your faculty, staff, students, and alumni on their ORCID records -- something that, as outlined in this recent post on Building Information Infrastructure with Research Institutions, we strongly encourage our research institution members to do.

Our community team recently reviewed the following five ORCID member CRIS system integrations and confirmed that they meet the technical elements of one or more Collect & Connect badges, awarded to integrations that meet ORCID’s best practice guidelines.

Converis: (Clarivate Analytics) 

Members using Converis version 5.10.5 or higher may qualify for badges up to and including Collect

ORCID members can set up your Converis installation to allow researchers to link their ORCID iD to their Converis account. Converis also allows researchers to synchronize research works data between their ORCID and Converis records. We are working with Clarivate Analytics to update the ORCID iD display within Converis, which will then allow members using the system to qualify for Collect & Connect badges up to and including Synchronize. Converis isn’t currently configured to push affiliation data to researchers records, but Clarivate is now analyzing this work request.

Faculty180 (Interfolio)  

Members using Faculty180 may qualify for badges up to Collect

ORCID members can configure Faculty180 to allow researchers to link their ORCID iD to their faculty account and transfer their scholarly activities between the two systems. We are working with Interfolio regarding the ORCID iD display in Faculty180, which will then allow members using this system to qualify for badges up to and including Connect.

IRMA (University Office) 

Members using IRMA may qualify for badges up to and including Display

ORCID members can configure IRMA to allow researchers to create an ORCID iD, link their ORCID iD and gather identifiers from their ORCID records. IRMA allows for historical ORCID iDs to be recorded for a researcher as well as recording ORCID iDs for collaborating researchers in IRMA. IRMA’s next release will be updated to API 2.0 and is expected to enable institutions to assert data in researchers’ ORCID records.

Pure (Elsevier)  

Members using Pure version 5.9.0 or higher may qualify for badges up to and including Connect   

ORCID members can configure Pure to allow researchers to create an ORCID iD or link to their existing ORCID record. We strongly encourage members to enable the export feature within PURE, which allows them to assert your researchers’ affiliation with your organization, add works to your researchers’ ORCID records, and link to their public portal page.

Symplectic Elements (Digital Science)

Members using Elements version 5.6 or higher can qualify for badges up to and including Connect

ORCID members can configure Elements to allow their researchers to link to their ORCID iD to their Elements account. Once the connection is made, Elements gathers persistent identifiers (PIDs), such as DOIs, from their researchers’ ORCID records and uses these to query verified scholarly data sources and claim works on the researcher's behalf. Symplectic are currently consulting with their client base, which include a number of consortia, about how best  to push affiliations to researchers’ ORCID records -- the first consultation will take place at their Australasian user meeting in Melbourne at the end of January.

How can my organization be awarded our Collect and Connect badges?

Member organizations using any of these five systems are eligible for your own Collect & Connect badges (up to the level indicated above) when you also meet our communications requirements:

  • Explain the benefits of having an ORCID iD for faculty, staff, and students to enable them to understand why and how to register for one and use it
  • Explain how your ORCID integration helps users so they understand why you’re collecting iDs
  • Explain the benefits of including ORCID iDs at your site to demonstrate the broader benefits of ORCID in your organization/sector
  • Use the ORCID member logo on any web pages that describe your system's connection to ORCID to demonstrate your support (please contact us for the member logo and guidelines)
  • Explain the benefits of your system connections with ORCID

You can use our communication resources for more information on how to comply with the communications requirements for the Collect & Connect program or contact us if you have any questions.

If you are using one of these systems and believe you meet our communications requirements, please contact our community team, who will review your integration and award you with your own Collect & Connect badges.

Please visit our ORCID-enabled systems page for more details and updates on these and other third-party integrations.