Celebrating Collect & Connect: Progress to Date

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It takes a global village to build trust in research information infrastructure.  For us this means research organizations, publishers, and funders integrating the use of ORCID iDs within their systems to enable interoperability and the smooth flow of reliable information.

We developed the ORCID Collect & Connect Program to communicate the objectives of ORCID integration and foster an excellent user experience, first and foremost of which is authenticating iDs.  We recognize our members whose integrations meet program criteria by awarding digital badges for collecting, displaying, connecting, and synchronizing ORCID iDs.

We dedicated much of our time in 2017 to engaging our members in this initiative.  This involved contacting members to review their active integrations and working with them to meet the Collect & Connect requirements.  We found that one of their main challenges was meeting the communications requirements of the program so, in June, we launched a series of communication resources including: messaging examples, custom and vendor integration examples, and sample library guides. In addition, we’ve recently released a suite of new education materials for researchers and outreach resources for organizations to use and adapt in their own ORCID outreach campaigns.  

We are delighted to present the 47 member organizations that were awarded Collect & Connect badges during 2017. A big THANK YOU to all of them for their dedication, support, and leadership!

We will be working to review all of our member integrations over the course of 2018. You can help us out by contacting our Community Team to get started.  ou need help reviewing your integration communication plans? Would you like to update an existing integration to meet our Collect & Connect requirements? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you - and help ensure your organization is listed as a Collect & Connect awardee in 2018!