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Collect & Connect - Improved and Updated!

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About two years ago, we launched our Collect & Connect program to streamline the integration process and standardize the user experience. Since then, we’ve reviewed nearly half of all ORCID member integrations, and awarded  63 Collect & Connect badges.

Based on our experiences and member feedback, we have worked to clarify the essential requirements for each badge. Today we are re-launching the Collect & Connect program, with streamlined guidelines for implementing ORCID following our best practices.

Improvements include:

  • Streamlined, easy-to-understand requirements for each badge
  • Future ORCID integrations will need to meet Authenticate and Display requirements
  • Option to prioritize Connect (recommended) OR Collect, according to your organization's needs
  • Standard user communications for each badge, for members to adapt as needed
  • Date-stamped badges to clearly indicate when we reviewed the integration
  • Updated minimum requirements for issuing Member API production credentials
  • Coming soon: Self-certification for the Authenticate and Display badges, and for members using approved third party ORCID-enabled systems

We have also updated our Member API checklist and Member support pages to reflect the updated criteria in our documentation. And there’s a new introduction to Collect & Connect video for you to watch and share.

The badges


Authenticate ORCID iDs to ensure researchers are correctly identified in your systems


  • Provide an ORCID-branded button or link for collecting iDs
  • AUTHENTICATE iDs during collection
  • Explain why you collect authenticated iDs


Display iDs to signal to researchers that your systems support the use of ORCID


  • Store and publicly DISPLAY iDs
  • DISPLAY the authenticated ORCID iDs in metadata
  • Explain why you display iDs


Collect information from ORCID records to fill forms and support research reporting  


  • COLLECT information from ORCID records
  • Use the data COLLECTED in your system, online forms, etc.
  • Explain why you collect ORCID information


Connect information to ORCID records for trusted sharing with others


  • CONNECT information from your system to ORCID records
  • Include assertion metadata for each item
  • Explain your system connections with ORCID and benefits to researchers


Synchronize information between ORCID records and your systems for reporting accuracy and speed


  • Make CONNECTions and COLLECTions over time using long-lasting permissions, updating information as it changes
  • Provide a mechanism to accept and act on correction requests from ORCID users
  • Explain the benefits for researchers of synchronization

Download the badges criteria at the ORCID Repository.

Sample communications text

As requested by many of our members, we have developed brief descriptions of each badge, explaining the benefits to your users. These descriptions, listed below, meet the Collect & Connect communications requirements, and can be adapted and customized as needed. For example, you can add information about your own use of ORCID, and links to press releases, blog posts, or other information you’ve developed about ORCID.

  • Authenticate. [ORGANIZATION NAME] is collecting your ORCID iD so that we can [ADD PURPOSE].  When you click the “Authorize” button, we will ask you to share your iD using an authenticated process: either by registering for an ORCID iD or, if you already have one, to sign in to your ORCID account. We do this to ensure that you are correctly identified and securely connecting your ORCID iD. Learn more in What’s so special about signing in.
  • Display. To acknowledge that you have used your iD and that it has been authenticated, we display the ORCID iD icon alongside your name on our website/in our publications/in our database/etc. Learn more in How should an ORCID iD be displayed.
  • Connect. By sharing your iD with [ORGANIZATION NAME], and giving us permission to read and update your ORCID record, you enable us to help you keep your record up-to-date with trusted information. Learn more in Six ways to make your ORCID iD work for you!
  • Collect. Filling in the same information about yourself over and over again is frustrating. That’s why we let you choose to use information from your ORCID record to [ADD SPECIFIC USE CASE, for example, populate our online forms]. Learn more in Enter once, reuse often.
  • Synchronize. [ORGANIZATION NAME] is making it possible for you to easily share your research information and keep it up-to-date.  With your permission, we will synchronize information between [SYSTEM NAME] and your ORCID record, in real time OR every X days/weeks. Learn more in Enter once, reuse often.

Earning Badges

Do you think your current integration already meets the Collect & Connect requirements? Do you have the technical implementation ready but need some help with the communications? Are you in the process of updating an existing integration? Do you use one of our approved third party service provider ORCID-enabled systems? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you and help your organization become a Collect & Connect awardee!