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The publishing community has been involved with ORCID since the very beginning. Together with organizations from the association, funding, and research institution communities, we helped launch ORCID in 2012. We were early and enthusiastic adopters of ORCID, embedding iDs in our manuscript submission systems almost from the start, and leading the field in using ORCID to recognize peer-review activities.  Researchers are still most likely to use their iD in a publication workflow, and there are well over 32m works connected with ORCID records, representing more than 10m unique DOIs. Over 50 organizations -- from individual journals to major publishers like my own, Springer Nature -- have now signed the ORCID publishers’ open letter, committing to requiring iDs for authors and, critically, to following ORCID’s best practices.

ORCID in Publishing User Group

I’m therefore delighted that ORCID is launching an ORCID in Publishing User Group, open to everyone who is -- or is interested in -- using iDs in any form of publication workflow. It is intended as a venue for the publishing and vendor communities to discuss the next stages of ORCID adoption in publishing workflows: improving the user experience of ORCID in publishing; collecting iDs from all authors; pulling affiliation, resources and funding information from ORCID records; updating records with peer-review information; ORCID in books workflows; and more. After two useful meetings to discuss setting up a User Group for publishers -- during SSP’s annual meeting in May, and at a webinar in June -- it’s clear that there’s a lot of enthusiasm for the idea.

We will soon be launching an official community forum for the User Group, open to all (watch this space for details) and, based on feedback from the initial discussions, there will also be regular ORCID in Publishing webinars -- alternating between time zones to ensure everyone can participate -- on a range of publishing-related topics. Details will be posted on the community forum, as well as on the ORCID events page; all webinars are free to attend, and recordings will be made available after the event.

You can sign up for the first three webinars now:

August 2018 webinar (Americas/Europe/Middle East/Africa)

  • 28 August 2018, 9:00 AM EDT | 1:00 PM UTC (see the time in your timezone)
  • Developing and implementing an ORCID roadmap for your organization: Springer Nature
  • Registration

October 2018 webinar (Asia Pacific)

  • 10 October 2018, 10:00 AM HKT | 2:00 AM UTC (see the time in your timezone)
  • Developing and implementing an ORCID roadmap for your organization: Springer Nature
  • Registration

December 2018 webinar (Americas/Europe/Middle East/Africa)

ORCID is also celebrating Peer Review Week by holding two webinars on ORCID and peer review: September 10 (Americas/Europe/Middle East/Africa) and September 14 (Asia Pacific).

ORCID in Publishing Working Group

At the same time as starting the ORCID in Publishing User Group, we are launching an ORCID in Publishing Working Group, which I will Chair. This smaller team will sit alongside the existing ORCID Working Groups, including the Trust Working Group and the User Facilities and Publications Working Group. The ORCID in Publishing Working Group will drive practical steps to increase knowledge and adoption of new ORCID programmes and initiatives by the publishing community, and develop or extend ways for the publishing community to inform and support existing and new programmes and initiatives. The aim will be for the User Group and Working Group to work very closely together, with the User Group suggesting and discussing topics and ideas that can be refined and taken forward by the Working Group, as well as providing feedback on the Working Group’s recommendations. The Working Group will include representatives from the publishing community (for-profit and not-for-profit) and the publishing vendor community, and if you are interested in learning more please don’t hesitate to contact me.

ORCID resources for publishers

As well as the User Group and Working Group, ORCID has a number of useful resources for publishing organizations, including:

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions for other resources that would be useful, please let us know.

ORCID at publishing meetings

As you probably know, the ORCID team attends a wide range of conferences and meetings every year. If you’re interested in learning more about ORCID in publishing, look out for ORCID staff at these upcoming events, and feel free to contact them to set up a meeting:

Get involved!

Whatever your organization type -- small or large; commercial or not-for-profit; startup or established -- if you’re interested in ORCID for publishing and would like to help achieve our shared vision, I warmly invite you to get involved,

Join the discussion on ORCID in publishing community! Share your success stories and challenges! Attend a webinar! And give us your feedback on current and potential future ORCID functionality for authors, reviewers, and publishers! To those who are already involved in these activities, thank you for your support and engagement, and we’ll look forward to seeing how much more progress we can make together.