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Streamlining Faculty Reporting: ORCID and Digital Measures

Eric Olson's picture

Research activity tracking, publishing, funding platforms are incorporating ORCID into workflows. Organizations across the research community are using these platforms to enhance data quality and reduce the data entry burden for their users.These platforms also reduce technical barriers for implementing ORCID.  

ORCID member organization Digital Measures is one such platform. Used by several ORCID members participating in the US national consortium to manage faculty activity reporting, Digital Measures by Watermark launched the first phase of its ORCID integration this summer. Already, 19 US research institutions have started to use the new ORCID functionality. 

Digital Measures by Watermark allows institutions to facilitate collection of activity data from faculty, saving time and duplication of effort for both researchers and research administrators. It is used by more than 400,000 faculty members in over 15 countries to share stories of personal and institutional success. Their ORCID integration streamlines data sharing, enabling the researcher to import their works directly from ORCID -- bringing us closer to achieving our goal of allowing researchers to “Enter Once, Reuse Often”.

"The power of Digital Measures by Watermark lies in illuminating the multitude of important contributions faculty are making to their fields, students, institution and community.” says Kate Kaczmarczik, Product Marketing Manager at Watermark Insights, “With this new ORCID integration we collectively take a big step forward. With a few clicks a faculty member can represent their full body of publications in Digital Measures by Watermark, and faculty and administrators alike can have full confidence in the comprehensiveness and accuracy of that information."

At a recent webinar, members of the Digital Measures by Watermark and ORCID teams explored the value of each of these tools, as well as providing a live demonstration of how they work together. A recording of the webinar and the slides are now available.

For more information about implementing ORCID using Digital Measures by Watermark, please contact us.