Don’t lose access to your ORCID record!

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Helping our users re-gain access to their ORCID account is our most common Help Desk ticket. Most often, this is because you’ve changed organizations and no longer have access to the email address connected with your account. There are some simple steps you can take to prevent this problem. 

Option 1. Add another email address to your account

The best way to make sure you maintain access to your ORCID account as you move around in your career is by adding at least one additional email address.  You can do this by following these steps, after logging in:

  • Under Account Settings, select Email and contact preferences, click Edit.
  • Enter an additional email address in the Add another email field and click Add.

  • A verification message will automatically be sent to each new address you add. Please click the verification link in the message to confirm your ownership of the email.

We strongly recommend that you add a personal email address as a back-up. This will help ensure you don’t lose access to your ORCID record, and that you’re easily able to reset your password. Each address has its own visibility setting, and ORCID will not share any email information that you have marked as private.

Option 2. Two-factor authentication

In the past, we hoped that security questions might be the answer, so these were available from the reset password and account settings pages. However, in recent years it has become clear that security questions are not the answer, and we have therefore removed this feature in the Registry, and we plan to remove existing questions and answers from our database as well soon. 
Instead, if you wish to make your ORCID account more secure, we recommend that you enable two-factor-authentication.

Should you have any additional questions or feedback, please let us know.