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Announcing the ORCID Board Slate for 2020

Alison Mitchell's picture

I am delighted to announce the slate for ORCID’s 2020 Board election.

We received a total of 15 nominations, of which 10 were from individuals representing member organisations and five were for the researcher member position. An excellent variety of skills and geographies was represented, and we were particularly pleased to have a number of nominees with experience in the areas that we had specifically requested. Sincere thanks to the ORCID Nominating Committee for their constructive and enthusiastic engagement – Heath Marks, Daisy Selematsela, Simeon Warner, Karin Wulf, and Kazu Yamaji – and also to the ORCID staff for their very proactive support.

Following the deadline for nominations of 1 August 2019, the Nominating Committee reviewed all of the nominations very carefully. We assessed the skills and experience of each nominee, and also considered how the proposed slate of nominees might complement the existing Board members. With our proposed slate of nominees we have aimed for an overall diversity of representation in terms of skills, experience, organisation type, geographical location, and gender – a balance that we believe will strengthen the ORCID Board in its important roles of overseeing the management and performance of ORCID and serving as community advocates for ORCID.

The Nominating Committee therefore recommends the following nominees to be put forward for election to the ORCID Board for a term from January 2020 to December 2022:

Please see ORCID 2020 Board Slate for more information about the nominees. All ORCID members in good standing as of September 23 are eligible to vote. Online voting will be open from October 23 – November 22, and full instructions will be sent to the official contact at each member organization by October 1. Members also have the option to propose write-in candidates for the Board within 30 days of the slate being announced (by October 22) – full information can be found in our bylaws, Section III, Article 2.