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Two ways you can help ORCID learn about what you want next!

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One of the questions ORCID is asking ourselves as we look toward our future is: “Will researchers be able to use ORCID to enhance their ability to undertake, communicate, evaluate, and promote their research and in a variety of settings as they are doing their work?” 

Between now and May 1, we are looking for researchers and scholars from all countries, career stages, and disciplines to help us answer this question by sharing with us what they think about how they are connected to their work. The answers we discover together will help us improve and enrich the environments, workflows, and interactions that are a part of research and scholarly endeavors. 

What are we trying to learn? 

  • How you create and use summaries of your work: 
    • How often do you have to pull together descriptions of yourself and your work, for example a bio, CV, work sketch or similar list of your research or scholarly activities?
    • What do you use them for? 
    • What effort is required of you to pull it together? 
    • What steps do you take to make this easier? 
    • What other complications might you face?
  • Your satisfaction with formal assessment: 
    • Are you satisfied with how formal assessment of your work is conducted, for example, assessment for possible funding, promotion, tenure, salary adjustments, new positions, etc? 
    • Do you feel that the right things are assessed? 
    • What works well, and what is challenging about the process?

There are two ways to participate:

Video Interview

We have 25 slots available for individuals who are willing to share their thoughts with our facilitator. To sign up for a 30-min slot, please use our interview registration calendar to select a date between March 30 and May 1.

Online Survey

If a video call interview will not work for you, we still value your input! We have created a 10-minute online survey with questions similar to what will be asked during video interviews. Access the survey between today and May 1.

We appreciate you! 

We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your participation. Everyone who completes a video call interview will receive a pair of limited edition ORCID socks as a thank you gift. All participants (including those that take the survey) who provide their email address will be entered into a drawing for one of ten $25 Amazon gift cards.

We look forward to your insights!