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Has Something Changed in the UI?


If you attended our first Product Interest Group webinar, you would have had a run through of the UI changes we’ve just released, as well as a sneak preview of the things we are currently working on (don’t miss the screen shots of the new UI in development at the bottom of this post!).

We have made improvements to a number of key screens and journeys in the Registry, including making it easier to:

  1. Register for an ORCID record, 
  2. Sign in to your account (including social sign in, institutional sign in, and 2FA), and 
  3. Give trusted organizations access to your record via OAuth.

These updates tackle some of the suggestions for improvements raised by our users and members over the last few years. But don’t worry—this is not everything! We still have loads of improvements to come in these areas next year. The work has been completed as part of the project to modernize the user experience and improve the registry speed where we have been creating a more sustainable architecture. As we complete this work, we have taken the opportunity to make these simple UI changes which will improve the UX experience. 

We are also ensuring all languages we support in the Registry are fully translated for the new UI. If you spot any errors with the translations or any that are missing in your supported language, then please let us know


One change you will notice with the registration process is that the form has been sectioned into three parts: 

  1. Personal data, 
  2. Security and notification, and 
  3. Visibility and terms. 

We have not changed any data that we collect as part of registration, and users can still register with just a first name and email address if required.

Step one of ORCID's Registration process

Step 2 of ORCID's Registration process

Step 3 or ORCID's Registration process

Sign In

As part of the sign in changes, we have made the social and institutional sign in more intuitive as well as adding label text to make it clearer that users can login with their 16-digit ORCID iD. Users can still access their ORCID record by using their ORCID, Facebook, Google, or institutional login credentials.


The OAuth screens have been revamped to make them clearer. It’s now easier to see what  permission scopes are being requested.

What can you expect to see next?

Our development team has completed work on the first round of ORCID inbox updates which should be available by the end of the year, and we are now making headway on the updates to the ORCID record. 

Sample ORCID record update

Sample ORCID record update 2

You can monitor the progress of this work on our current development Trello board, but if you have any feedback or concerns, then please let us know

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