ORCID API 3.0 is here!

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We are pleased to announce the release of our version 3.0 API.  Highlights include support for new affiliation types, research resources, token delegation, and improved source transparency.

Listening to Our Users: What We Learned from Our 2019 Community Survey

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Did you know that researchers are adding more information than ever to their ORCID records? And that they want to add more -- anything they’ve made publicly available! Or that disambiguation, recognition, and discoverability are the main reasons for getting an iD. Read more about these and other findings of our recent community survey in this post.


Improving the User Experience: Why, What, How?

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Meet Mallory Robertson, our first User Experience Designer, learn about what she’s been working on so far, and her plans for the future -- including how you can get involved -- and get a sneak preview of new home page, launching shortly!


Nominations Now Open for ORCID Board Elections 2020

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The ORCID Nominations Committee is now welcoming nominations for Board members to serve from 2020 – 2022. Learn how, when and why to get involved in this guest post by current ORCID Board member and NomCom Chair, Alison Mitchell.

Keeping ORCID Trusted and Trustworthy: Updates to our Privacy Policy

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Privacy is one of ORCID’s core principles, so each year we review our privacy and security practices to make sure they are still aligned with our commitment to keep researchers in control of their ORCID record. Learn about the changes we’ve recently made to our policy in this post by Will Simpson, ORCID’s Director of Technology and Privacy Officer.

Eight, and Still Counting

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On his last day with ORCID, our Director of Partnerships, Josh Brown, reflects on his five -- or is it eight!? -- years with the organization. 

New Features Alert! Improvements to Adding and Grouping Works

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Learn about three recently introduced features that help users and organizations make the most of ORCID -- adding works by identifier, the new  preprints work type, and a new way of grouping works.


Our New ORCID Infographic

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Looking for a quick and easy way to explain the what and why of ORCID?  Check out our new infographic, now available in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.  

What’s New at ORCID? A Joint Library Carpentries/ORCID Webinar!

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We’re delighted to announce the first Library Carpentries/ORCID co-hosted webinar, where you can learn about the great new features in ORCID’s new API v3.0.

Spend a Day with the ORCID Team!

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2019 is our Year of the Researcher, when we are focusing on engaging more deeply with our users to better understand and meet your needs. This includes sponsoring a researcher to participate in our staff retreat in Sedona, Arizona, USA.