Signing the ORCID Funder Open Letter

Today sees the launch of the ORCID funder open letter - a commitment by nine funding bodies to expand the use of ORCID in their grant application and management workflows following our best practices. In this guest post, Christian Gutknecht and Michael Hill, respectively Specialist for Information Systems and Deputy Head of Strategy Support at the Swiss National Science Foundation, explain why their organization is a signatory, describe their current and future ORCID implementation plans, and encourage other funding bodies to sign the open letter.

Scaling Up: Easier ORCID iD Authentication for Everyone

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At its core, ORCID enables researchers to make connections between themselves and their activities and affiliations. By making the source of these connections transparent, we aim to ensure trust through traceability.  We are therefore launching the Research Information Platform Engagement (RIPEN) project, to engage with the community to streamline the assertion process and make it more broadly accessible for everyone.

Announcing our New Technology Team Structure

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Please join me in welcoming Will Simpson as ORCID’s new Technology Director.  He will be supported by Liz Krznarich as Tech Lead, and will be working closely with Tom Demeranville as our first Product Director.

A Year in ORBIT

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A year ago, we launched the ORCID Reducing Burden and Improving Transparency (ORBIT) project. Find out how far we've come since then in this post by ORCID staff Josh Brown and Tom Demeranville, who are leading the project.

Fast Iterations, Cowboys, and How to Scale 39,185% in Six Years!

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On December 1 we are saying goodbye to Rob Peters, our Technical Director and one of ORCID’s first employees. We’re sad to see him go but wish him all the best -- and hope you’ll enjoy his look back at how ORCID has changed since he joined in 2012.

Better Together: Working with our Third Party Provider Partners

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Third party providers that integrate with ORCID are critical to our success - learn about some of their integrations and sign up for an upcoming webinar!

Thank You!

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As millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, we'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the ORCID community for your support, and to share with you some of the reasons why we are thankful to be part of the ORCID organization!

ORCID Registry Scheduled Outage, December 15, 2018

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On Saturday, December 15, 2018 the ORCID Registry, including the Public and Member API and the ORCID Registry user interface, will be unavailable for up to eight hours  while we migrate our database to new hardware. Will Simpson from our technical team provides more information in this post.


Learning Patience: Taking a Step Back on Affiliation Assertion Requirements

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It is our mission to engage the community in working toward a vision of open and connected research information. But we need to do this at a pace that works for you, as well as for us. So, as a result of community feedback, we will be (temporarily) rolling back our requirement for affiliation start-dates or identifiers in API 3.0, and taking time to work with all of you on intermediate steps.

Research Resources Now Live -- Join the Pilot!

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Today we announce research resources: a new ORCID record section, available in our newly launched release candidate of our upcoming API 3.0. The research resources section stores information about resources researchers use, such as a laboratory facility, special collection, or specialist equipment. Like peer reviews, resources can only be added to ORCID record by trusted organizations. Learn more in this blog post.