Mapping the PID Landscape

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Using persistent identifiers properly will help open up more of the research landscape - for everyone's benefit. In this jointly authored post by Christopher Brown and Neil Jacobs (Jisc), Josh BrownLaure Haak , and Alice Meadows (ORCID), and Clifford Tatum (SURF), we call on all stakeholders in the research community to use the open identifiers we already have more effectively and consistently.

We Need Your Input: ORCID in Repositories

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We're looking for volunteers to join the ORCID in repositories task force - and to provide feedback on its recommendations, when available. 

Collect & Connect - Improved and Updated!

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We have updated our Collect & Connect program, clarifying the guidelines and criteria, providing standard descriptions of user benefits for each component. Coming soon, we will introduce self-certification for some badges. Find out more in today’s post!;

Enter Once, Reuse Often

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Enter once, reuse often is an ORCID mantra. We want to help create a world where researchers can easily share information about their research activities without having to type it in. Learn about our progress toward this goal.

GDPR, ORCID, and You

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on Friday, May 25. User control is a core principle here at ORCID, and we are happy to share how our practices align with the regulation.

Consórcio brasileiro ORCID: Construindo uma comunidade

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O Consórcio brasileiro, formado em dezembro de 2017, será lançado oficialmente no dia 22 de maio. Saiba mais neste post de Ana Heredia, Head of Memberships da ORCID para a América Latina, e de Talita Moreira, Coordenadora-geral de Atividades de Apoio à Pós-Graduação da Diretoria de Avaliação da CAPES. 

The ORCID Brazil Consortium: Building a Community

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The ORCID Brazilian consortium, which formed in December 2017, launches officially on May 22. Learn more in this post by Ana Heredia, ORCID's Head of Memberships for Latin America, and Talita Moreira, CAPES Evaluation Office's General Coordinator of Post-Graduate Activities.

Open Science Projects Collaborate on Joint Roadmap

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We are delighted to be part of an exciting new initiative in which a group of organizations building nonprofit, open-source tools for scholarship and publication has joined with open-science researchers in a new collaboration to develop a Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools (JROST). Learn more in this post by Nate Angell, Marketing Director for ORCID member, one of the other participating organizations.


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ORCID in Japan: Re-thatching the Roof

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Japan is making steady progress to build and expand its ORCID community. Nobuko Miyairi, Regional Director of Asia Pacific, reports the challenges commonly shared in non-English speaking countries, and how our recent ORCID Japan Member Meeting demonstrated a truly community-driven approach.