ORCID Austria Workshop: Report and Next Steps

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Learn about the discussions held during the ORCID Austria workshop, its positive outcome and the next steps towards a national consortium in this guest post by Anna-Laetitia Hikl (Research services and Library at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences - BOKU).

Celebrating Open Access Week with the 2018 Public Data File

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party hats celebrating the 2018 data file releaseHappy birthday to us! ORCID turned six this October. To celebrate our birthday and Open Access Week, we are releasing our 2018 Public Data File. The data file includes all public data on the ORCID Registry as of October 1, 2018, and can be downloaded from the ORCID Repository. There are some changes from our previous version -- learn more in our blog post. 

Inviting Your Feedback: Draft Recommendation for ORCID in Repositories

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The ORCID in Repositories Task Force has release a draft recommendation for supporting ORCID in repository systems and are now inviting community feedback. Learn more about how to share your comments in this post by Task Force lead, Liz Krznarich (ORCID Tech Lead, Front End Development).

Announcing the ORCID Board Slate for 2019

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At its recent meeting in Amsterdam, the ORCID Board unanimously agreed the slate of candidates for 2019 proposed by the Nominating Committee. Learn more in this post by Karin Wulf, Committee Chair.

Hong Kong ORCID Roundtable

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In this post, we share the positive developments that emerged from a recent discussion among Hong Kong ORCID member institutions and representatives of the Hong Kong Access Federation about building an ORCID community of practice in Hong Kong.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: Lots and Lots of Changes

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2018 has seen a lot of internal change at ORCID, but our new structure is now in place - our Executive Director, Laure Haak, explains what's changed and why.

New Feature Alert: Upgraded Affiliation Types

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We are excited to announce the launch of several new affiliation types in the ORCID Registry, enabling researchers to be recognized for a more diverse range of activities and qualifications.

Streamlining Faculty Reporting: ORCID and Digital Measures

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The recent launch of the Digital Measures by Watermark integration with ORCID has led to an immediate increase in members implementing ORCID in their workflows. Learn more in this post by US/Canada Engagement Lead, Eric Olson.


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehn, Goodbye…

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Monday is our Director of Strategic Initiatives’ last day as an ORCID staff member. Laura Paglione, who has been with us since before ORCID’s launch in 2012, looks back at her six plus years with the organization.

Next Steps for ORCID and Organization Identifiers

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ORCID is committed to PID solutions for our community that support our principles of openness and transparency. Our organization will support but will not directly participate in the launch of a new organization identifier registry. ORCID Board Chair, Veronique Kiermer, explains.