Measuring Progress: ORCID 2016 Annual Report

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Our 2016 annual report is now available.  Read more for a review of community adoption of ORCID, our activities, membership, and progress toward sustainability.

From Tiny Acorns... ORCID in Latin America

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Our last stop in this week's tour of ORCID around the world is Latin America - a region close to our heart, since as well as our members and users there, we also have team members from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico! Find out what's happening in the region in today's post by Membership Director, Doug Wright.

The OI Project Gets Underway: Planning an Open Organization Identifier Registry

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At the end of October 2016, Crossref, DataCite, and ORCID reported on collaboration in the area of organization identifiers. We issued three papers for community comment and after input we subsequently announced the formation of The OI Project, along with a call for expressions of interest from people interested in serving on the working group.

Here We Grow Again: ORCID in the US and Canada

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Continuing our journey around the world, today our Membership Director, Doug Wright, provides an update on ORCID engagement and adoption in the US and Canada.

Are You Kim, Lee, or Park? ORCID in Asia Pacific

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Representing ORCID across a territory that stretches from Pakistan to New Zealand is no small task. Nobuko Miyairi, Regional Director Asia Pacific, reviews our activities in 2016 and the challenges of 2017.

ORCID in Europe: Reasons to be Cheerful

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Continuing our series of updates from around the world, in today's post we visit Europe. Josh Brown, formerly Regional Director for Europe (now Director of Partnerships) takes a look back at 2016, while Matthew Buys, who recently added Europe to his existing responsibilities for the Middle East & Africa, shares his goals for the rest of 2017.

ORCID in the Middle East & Africa

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This week, we are publishing a series of updates on ORCID around the world. Today Matthew Buys, our Regional Director for Europe, the Middle East, & Africa shares his reflections on the Middle East & Africa in 2016 and his plans for 2017.

Challenges of Measuring PID Adoption

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In this guest post, Robin Dasler, senior fellow in CERN’s Scientific Information Service and lead of the sustainability segment of the THOR Project (in which ORCID is a partner organization), shares her experience of the challenges of measuring persistent identifiers. Read her thoughts on what can be measured and how.

Valuing privacy and transparency

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The first in our new series of posts about issues of privacy, trust, and transparency provides an update on our compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, as well as highlighting two recent changes in our privacy policy.

New Feature Alert: Merge Duplicate iDs, BibTeX Export

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Introducing a new series of short blog posts about new features to help users manage their ORCID record. This week: removing duplicate iDs, exporting to BibTeX, and filtering our search & link wizards.