2018 Taiwan Workshop - Communities of Practice

We are delighted to announce that ORCID and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Library will be hosting a workshop at the Library Conference Center located at the NCKU Library on Monday, 29 October. The workshop is tailored for administrators/librarians and developers of research institutions, funders, publishers and associations.There will be ample opportunity for networking and Q&A!

We look forward to seeing you in Taiwan!

2018  台灣工作坊





National Cheng Kung University Library Conference Center B1

Address: University Road, Tainan City No. 1


國立成功大學圖書館地下一樓會議廳 (成功校區)

701 臺南市東區大學路1號

Location 交通位置



13:00 Registration

13:30 Welcome Chien-Wen Wang (NCKU) and Estelle Cheng (ORCID)

13:40 Using ORCiD: Experiences and Viewpoint Professor Wen-Yau Cathy Lin (TamKang University)

14:10 Why Identifiers and Communities of Practice Matter Matt Buys (ORCID)

14:40 Coffee Break

15:00 Implementation of ORCID and Understanding the API Estelle Cheng (ORCID)

15:20 Panel Discussion Moderated by Chih-Ming Chen (NCCU)

16:10 Break

16:20 Community presentations and Q&A

16:50 Open Discussion and next steps in Taiwan

17:00 Closing Remarks Matt Buys (ORCID) and Estelle Cheng (ORCID)


13:00 報到

13:30 開場致詞   (國立成功大學圖書館 王健文 館長  and Estelle Cheng, ORCID)

13:40 專題演講 Using ORCiD: Experiences and viewpoints 主講者:林雯瑤 教授 (TKU)

14:10 永續辨識碼和社群實踐至關重要  Matt Buys  (ORCID)

14:40 中場休息(茶點時間)

15:00 ORCID實務與淺談API  Estelle Cheng  (ORCID)

15:20 專題討論 引言人:陳志銘 (NCCU)

16:10 中場休息

16:20 社群經驗分享

16:50 綜合討論與未來展望

17:00 閉幕, Matt Buys  (ORCID)和 Estelle Cheng  (ORCID)




Thank you to our host, National Cheng Kung University Library, for making this workshop possible.