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Request to add a new identifier type

ORCID allows reference identifiers to be added to works, funding, and peer review items to help uniquely identify them within the ORCID Registry. The ORCID Registry also groups funding, works, and peer review items based on their associated unique identifier in both the user interface and API. We encourage anyone adding data to ORCID records to add as many identifiers as are known.

ORCID member organizations which exchange data via the ORCID API can request the addition of new external identifier types that all ORCID members and registrants can use to identify works. Requesting new identifiers is a benefit available only to ORCID members.

New identifiers can only be used in the 2.x versions of the API or higher. They are also immediately available to end users adding works manually to their ORCID records.

Fill in and submit the form below to request a new identifier. A member of the ORCID team will follow up with you shortly.

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