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About Member Creators

Today, all ORCID Records are created by the individual to whom the Record refers. Although no longer offered, functionality existed until early in 2015 that provided an option for Members to create ORCID Records on behalf of their employees and students, including obtaining an ORCID identifier, populating the Record with data, and setting the initial settings for visibility & sharing on the Record. Such Members are referred to in this article as “Member Creators”. This functionality is no longer provided by ORCID.

Until 2014, Member Creators could create an ORCID Record and assign an ORCID identifier on behalf of an individual, if first the Member represented and warranted that it had the authority and the individual’s consent to provide us with information about the individual, to contact them about the Record, and to distribute certain information in the Record to the public. If the Member Creator represented to us that it had the authority to create an ORCID Record and have an ORCID identifier assigned, but not the individual’s consent to make the data available through the Registry, it was required they set the visibility of the data it deposited to Only Me, and the information would not be made publicly available unless the individual changed the settings for visibility & sharing.

If a Member Creator had created an ORCID Record for you, you would have received an email from ORCID inviting you to claim the Record (meaning to “take over” ownership and management of the Record). If you did not claim your Record, the Member Creator could possibly continue to access data for which it set the visibility as Only Me and Trusted, edit and update the Record, make privacy selections, name Trusted Organizations and close the Record. If you did not initially claim your Record, you can still do so in the future. When you claim a Record, you can elect to take over management of your Record, including through a Trusted Individual. Any changes you make to settings for visibility & sharing will override Member Creator settings.

We do not make any Records that have not been claimed (meaning, the person affiliated with the Record has taken over its ownership) available through the Public Data File. If you object to having an ORCID Record that was created for you by a Member Creator, you may contact ORCID Support at https://orcid.org/help/contact-us to remove the Record. Or, you may first claim the Record and deactivate the Account from the Account Settings page of your Record.