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ORCID Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: 26 March 2013

Location: Teleconference

In Attendance:

  • Micah Altman, MIT
  • Amy Brand, Harvard
  • Thom Hickey, OCLC
  • Robert Kiley, Wellcome Trust
  • Dave Kochalko, Thomson Reuters
  • Ed Pentz (Chair), CrossRef
  • Howard Ratner, NPG
  • Bernie Rous, ACM
  • Chris Shillum, Elsevier
  • Hideaki Takeda, NII
  • Craig van Dyck, Wiley
  • Todd Vision (researcher)

Non-Voting Attendees:

  • Jackie Ewenstein (legal counsel)
  • Laure Haak (ex officio)
  • Laura Paglione (staff)


  • Salvatore Mele, CERN
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell


Summary:   The Board discussed the ORCID business model, including prorating and national member models.  The Board welcomed Rebecca Bryant as ORCID’s Director of Community, and reviewed university integrations and ORCID Website localization.  The technical director presented status of email verification and announced th4 posting of ORCID code in an open source repository on GitHib. The Board discussed the appropriate approach and wording for service messages.  The Board approved a hold on the affiliations module until sourcing of the organization authority file was determined by the ORCID Technical Steering Group. The executive director presented the 2012 Annual Report, provided to-date usage and membership numbers (92K registrants and 33 new members). The Board reviewed activities of ORCD EU, approved a statement on interoperability with ISNI, and approved a CC0 waiver policy.  The Audit Committee presented a charter, which was approved by the Board.  The Board reviewed 1Q financials and discussed the apparent slackening of member onboarding.


Among the Motions Passed Were:

MOTION: To approve minutes with requested researcher affiliation adjustment. VOTE: Unanimous.

MOTION: To approve the public release of the ORCID/ISNI joint statement on interoperability as presented. VOTE: Unanimous.

MOTION: To approve CC0 waiver language as proposed.  VOTE: Unanimous.

MOTION:  To approve the audit committee charter as presented. VOTE: Unanimous.