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ORCID Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: 15 September 2014

Location: Teleconference.

In Attendance:

  • Liz Allen
  • Micah Altman
  • Patricia Brennan
  • John Carroll (alternate)
  • Holly Falk-Krzesinksi (alternate)
  • Jonas Gilbert
  • Thom Hickey
  • Veronique Kiermer
  • Salvatore Mele
  • Ed Pentz (Chair)
  • Bernie Rous
  • Chris Shillum
  • Marta Soler Gallart
  • Hideaki Takeda
  • Simeon Warner
  • Craig van Dyck (Treasurer)

Non-voting attendees:

  • Josh Brown (ORCID EU)
  • Jackie Ewenstein (counsel)
  • Laure Haak (ex officio, Secretary)
  • Claudia Soriano

Summary: Board reviewed decisions by ExCo to reduce expenses, and determined that while these will place ORCID in a positive cash flow through the end of the year, additional effort is needed to obtain grant or other non-membership funding in the near and mid-term to support ORCID as we build our membership.  Board will review financials again in one month.

No Motions Passed.