ORCID Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: 7 October 2014

In Attendance:

  • Micah Altman
  • Patricia Brennan
  • John Carroll (alt)
  • Holly Falk-Krzeninksi (alt)
  • Jonas Gilbert
  • Thom Hickey
  • Veronique Kiermer
  • Salvatore Mele
  • Ed Pentz (Chair)
  • Bernie Rous
  • Chris Shillum
  • Simeon Warner
  • Craig van Dyck (Treasurer)

Non-voting Attendees:

  • Josh Brown (ORCID EU)
  • Jackie Ewenstein (counsel)
  • Laure Haak (ex officio, Secretary)
  • Claudia Soriano

Summary: Board reviewed September membership and sponsorship revenues, invoicing activity, and pipeline.  Executive Director provided an update on grant opportunities.  Business Steering Group provided update from joint meeting with Outreach Steering Group, including a focus on contacting funders and library consortia about ORCID membership.  Discussion of ORCID revenue strategy, and role of sponsors. Executive Director noted that expenses for November Outreach meeting in Tokyo will be completely offset by sponsorships.  ExCo to review sponsorship agreement.

No Motions Passed.