ORCID Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: 27 July 2015

Meeting Location: email

In Attendance:

  • Liz Allen
  • Micah Altman
  • Patricia Brennan
  • Jonas Gilbert
  • Laure Haak (Secretary, ex officio)
  • Thomas Hickey
  • Veronique Kiermer
  • Salvatore Mele
  • Ed Pentz (Chair)
  • Marta Soler
  • Bernie Rous
  • Chris Shillum
  • Hideaki Takeda
  • Craig Van Dyck (Treasurer)

Summary: In lieu of its July teleconference, at its May 2015 meeting the ORCID Board requested a written update on ORCID activities and finances.   Documents were posted in the Board shared folder. In addition, to replace a vacated seat on the ExCo, a Board resolution was distributed, per ExCo recommendation, for a binding electronic vote.  As stated in our Bylaws, unanimous consent is needed to pass the resolution.

Motions Passed (via unanimous email consent):

WHEREAS, Craig Van Dyck has resigned from the Board of Directors and his position on the ExCo and as Treasurer of the Corporation as of June 30, 2015;

NOW, THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the Board appoints Simeon Warner as his replacement on the Executive Committee effective as of July 27, 2015;

WHEREAS, Bernie Rous has been acting informally as interim treasurer since June 30, 2015 and the Board desires to formally appoint Bernie Rous as his replacement as Treasurer;  

NOW, THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the Board appoints Bernie Rous to serve as Treasurer effective as of July 24, 2015 and until the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Board and his successor is appointed.