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The National Library of Medicine has announced that participating publishers that submit final article XML directly to PubMedCentral (PMC) can include ORCID iDs in their XML.  These changes to its DTD were made available in mid December.

The NLM NameID element was created in 2010 and was recently renamed to Identifier. The Identifier element is optional, can be used within the Author (personal and collective) and Investigator elements, and can occur more than once. The value of the Source attribute on the Identifier element designates the organizational authority that established the unique identifier.


<!ELEMENT     Author (((LastName, ForeName?, Initials?, Suffix?) |
<!ATTLIST     Author ValidYN (Y | N) "Y">

<!ELEMENT     Investigator (LastName,ForeName?,
<!ATTLIST     Investigator ValidYN (Y | N) "Y">

<!ELEMENT     Identifier (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST     Identifier
                      Source CDATA #REQUIRED >

Sample XML:

<Author ValidYN="Y">
<Identifier Source=”ORCID”>55555555555555</Identifier>

For more information on the NLM DTDs, see: