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ORCID in Peer Review Task Force

Peer review is a fundamental part of the research life cycle and one that often goes unrecognized. Our peer review functionality enables two forms of recognition -- for individual peer review activities, and for ongoing peer review service.

Individual peer review activities can only be added by an ORCID member organization -- the organizer of the review or evaluation, such as a publisher, society, funder, or research institution, or  a third-party review recognition service, such as Publons, which works with review organizers to recognize your reviews. Now that all ORCID members are using our API 2.0 or higher, they can make use of this functionality, and this Task Force is charged, in part, with addressing some outstanding issues, in particular around group identifiers.

Our new affiliation types enable recognition for ongoing peer review service, and the other strand of this Task Force's remit is to work through use cases for different sectors -- funding, institutional, publishing -- with the goal of implementing at least one as an exemplar.