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ORCID Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: 2-3 February 2016

Meeting Location: Wellcome Trust, London, UK

In Attendance:

  • Micah Altman
  • Patricia Brennan
  • Holly Falk-Krzesinski (alternate)
  • Daniel Forsman
  • Thom Hickey
  • Rick Ikeda
  • Veronique Kiermer
  • Robert Kiley
  • Salvatore Mele
  • Ed Pentz, Chair
  • Bernie Rous
  • Chris Shillum
  • Marta Soler
  • Hideaki Takeda
  • Simeon Warner
  • Edward Wates (Treasurer)

Non-Voting Attendees:

  • Josh Brown
  • Jackie Ewenstein (external counsel)
  • Laure Haak (ex officio and Secretary)
  • Claudia Soriano
  • Laura Paglione
  • Alice Meadows
  • Rob Peters
  • Doug Wright

Summary: The Board reviewed the slate presented by the Nominating Committee, and voted in favor, welcoming members Rick Ikeda, Robert Kiley, and Veronique Kiermer for their first term, and the re-appointment of Bernie Rous for his second term.  The Board then elected the officers: Ed Pentz as Chair, Edward Wates as Treasurer, and Laure Haak as Secretary.  The Board also approved the Executive Committee, with Ed Pentz as chair, Edward Wates as Treasurer, Laure Haak as Secretary, Micah Altman, Veronique Kiermer, and Chris Shillum.  The Board voted on chairs and membership for the Nominating Committee (Robert Kiley, chair) and the Audit Committee (Patricia Brennan, chair).  The Board reviewed 2015 adoption statistics and milestones vs. roadmap, the 2016 year-end financials, the 2016 budget, audit plans, and also updated our expense management policy. The Board reviewed 2016 plans and then engaged in a strategic planning exercise.

Motions Passed:

MOTION: Approve minutes of November meeting.  VOTE: All in favor.

MOTION: To approve slate. VOTE: All in favor.

MOTION: To appoint audit committee with Patricia Brennan as chair. VOTE: All in favor.  Abstaining: PB.

MOTION: To adopt the new expense policy, with amendment. VOTE: All in favor.  Abstaining: RI

MOTION: To defer repayment of loan to ORCID EU until 31 Oct, 2016. VOTE: All in favor. Abstaining: ORCID EU Board (DF, RK, EP, EW, SM, BR, VK) and RI

MOTION: To approve the Nominating Committee charter as revised. VOTE: Unanimous.

MOTION: To approve Robert Kiley as Chair of the Nominating Committee. VOTE: All in favor.  Abstaining: RK

MOTION: To approve as members of ExCo: Ed Pentz as Chair, Edward Wates as Treasurer, Simeon Warner, Micah Altman, Chris Shillum, and Veronique Kiermer. VOTE: All in favor. Abstaining: EP, EW, SW, MA, CS, VK with respect to themselves.