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ORCID Board Meeting Summary

Meeting Date: 18 May 2016

Meeting Location: Toronto, CA

In Attendance:

  • Micah Altman
  • Patricia Brennan
  • Daniel Forsman
  • Thom Hickey
  • Rick Ikeda
  • Veronique Kiermer
  • Robert Kiley
  • Salvatore Mele
  • Ed Pentz, Chair
  • Bernie Rous
  • Chris Shillum
  • Marta Soler (by phone)
  • Hideaki Takeda
  • Simeon Warner
  • Edward Wates (Treasurer)

Non-Voting Attendees:

  • Josh Brown
  • Jackie Ewenstein (external counsel)
  • Laure Haak (ex officio and Secretary)
  • Claudia Soriano
  • Laura Paglione
  • Alice Meadows
  • Rob Peters
  • Doug Wright

Summary: The Board reviewed 1Q activities of the organization and decided the schedule of Board and Outreach meetings in 2017, including moving to one large international meeting and continuing our cycle of 12-14 regional workshops. The Audit and Nominating committees provided updates.  The Treasurer presented a summary of 1Q financials and the forecast for the rest of the year.  The Membership team reviewed new and prospective memberships, and noted that several consortia were in the works.  ORCID EU put forth a proposal for repaying the loan it took out from ORCID Inc. Staff provided an overview of the Trust Program, and noted that we had completed our privacy audit and had been re-certified by TrustE.  Staff also reviewed our new Collect and Connect program, which is intended to both enhance the user experience and streamline the implementation process.  The Board discussed proposed key performance indicators for ORCID, and Board roles and committees.  It also discussed grant opportunities, appropriate size of the organization, and loan repayment schedule. 

Motions Passed:

MOTION: Approve minutes of February meeting.  VOTE: All in favor.

DECISION: 1Q 2017 Board meeting on 28 February 1 - March in Boston.

DECISION: 2Q 2017 Board meeting on 16-18 May. Location TBD in Europe.

DECISION: 3Q 2017 Board meeting on 17-18 October. Location TBD (Europe or Asia)

MOTION: To recognize Thomas Hickey’s service to ORCID and the Board, which started even before ORCID formally existed, on this occasion of his last Board meeting.

MOTION: For ORCID Inc. to reimburse ORCID EU for €46,659 staff costs accrued between September 2014 and February 2015; to use this money to repay a portion of the outstanding loan balance between ORCID EU and ORCID Inc.; and to request deferral of the repayment of the remaining loan balance until the final payment is received from the European Commission for THOR project funding (projected to be early in Q1 2018). VOTE: All in favor, with abstentions from RI, THOR project members (VK and SM) and ORCID EU Board members (EW, DF, EP, RK).