Version 1.0.4 of the ORCID Mock API was released today and can be downloaded at The only change in 1.0.4 is that it has been updated so that access tokens and new profiles are persisted across server restarts. This will make it slightly easier to experiment with the API. The release notes are at This is the final version of the mock API, future API releases will use the real ORCID code base. 

The ORCID Mock API aims to provide an environment where developers can start to integrate ORCID into their systems before a release of the production environment. Like the production version, the mock supports tier 1 and tier 2 access. Tier 2 is protected using OAuth 2. Please note that searching has not been implemented in the Mock API. 


UPDATE April 2012: Since the launch of the ORCID Sandbox site, the Mock API Web Application has been deprecated. You may now access a test version of the ORCID registry at, and may register for test client credentials for the API at Register a client applciation.