The Technical Steering Group provides input and recommendations to the Executive Director on overall technical strategy and priority setting. The Steering Group will create Technical Working Groups as needed to work on specific tasks and deliverables. This group is led by ORCID’s Technical Director and the Group Chair. The Group may create Working Groups to address specific technical challenges.


Strategic Topics

Multiple Assertions Working Group Recommendations by the Multiple Assertions Working Group

Works Metadata Working Group Recommendation by the Works Metadata Working Group

Disambiguation without De-Duplication by Geoffrey Bilder

Group Structure and Governance

Role of Steering Group Chair

The Steering Group Chair should show significant interest and expertise in technical issues related to ORCID. The Chair term is a renewable 1-year appointment. The Chair is expected to:

  1. Work with the Technical Director to identify strategic projects and activities important to ORCID’s technical success.
  2. Lead Steering Group meetings, ensuring that members are involved and discussion is balanced among members.
  3. Bring the Steering Group to consensus on topics of strategic importance, and develop recommendations for the Executive Director. At the discretion of the Executive Director, key recommendations will be brought before the ORCID Board for review and vote.
  4. Recognize that leadership role of this type is public and that comments made surrounding the group’s work must be made in context with the larger ORCID vision and mission.
  5. Upon reasonable request by the ORCID leadership, offer public comments on behalf of the organization and effort.

Role of Steering Group Member

The members of the Steering Group should have a deep technical understanding and strategic-level perspective of the need for persistent identifiers. Steering Group participation is by 1-year rotating appointments. Steering Group Members are expected to:

  1. Represent stakeholders that do not directly sit on the Steering Group.
  2. With the Technical Director and Steering Group Chair, participate in developing recommendations to the Executive Director.
  3. Participate in online, phone, and in-person discussions about topics of interest to the Steering Group and ORCID technology.
  4. Collaborate with the ORCID Technical Community and with other ORCID Working Groups

Steering Group Selection Process

Membership in the Steering Group is by appointment. Self-nominations are accepted. Participants are selected by ORCID leadership.