Technical Working Groups are brought together for fixed, short periods of time to work on very specific tasks. Individuals participating in these groups are expected to have the time, interest, and commitment to participate in the production of deliverables assigned to the group.

These groups will work on topics of strategic importance determined by the Technical Steering Group in consultation with the Executive Director and ORCID Board. It is expected that no more than 5 working groups will convene each year. The size and composition of group participation will be dependent on the group’s task.

Current and Past Working Groups

Group Structure and Governance

Role of the Technical Working Group Chairperson

Each group will have a Chair assigned who is responsible for convening and leading the group to produce specific deliverables that are outlined at group inception. This Chair should be a subject matter expert, demonstrate strong leadership, and show significant interest in technical issues related to ORCID. The Technical Director selects the Chair with input from the Technical Steering Group.

Role of Technical Working Group Members

Members of the Technical Working Groups provide valuable input and technical assistance in areas of strategic importance to ORCID. Members are expected to actively participate in group meetings and events, volunteer, collaborate, and complete specific group goals.

Technical Working Group Selection Process

Technical Working Group membership is open to anyone with relevant subject matter expertise, and the time and interest to participate fully. It is expected that Technical Working Group members will often be drawn from those who actively participate in the broader ORCID Technical Community. Since these groups are expected to provide a deliverable within a set amount of time, group size is limited to facilitate collaboration and decision-making. If more people express interest than can be accommodated, the Chair will ensure that the group is representative of the ORCID community and has members with the necessary skills and talents to achieve group goals.