Your members need to be recognized for their professional and creative contributions. They seek increased opportunities for securing grants to support their research, for authoring and reviewing scholarly articles, and for developing skills and credentials to further their career.

They wonder:

  • How can I ensure credit and recognition for all of my contributions?
  • How can I maintain control over my own record of contributions?
  • Shouldn’t there be a way to reduce the time I spend on administrative and reporting requirements?
  • Why do I have to re-enter the same data every time I apply for a grant?

At the same time, as an association, you have questions:

  • Can we support our members by making it easier to recognize their contributions?
  • Can we reduce the expense of managing and disambiguating our author and reviewer databases?
  • How can we link our authors, members, meeting participants, and reviewers?
  • How do we streamline our processes for authorship, membership, and conferences?
  • Where do we find the best-qualified reviewers?

ORCID can help you better manage your authors and reviewers by providing a registry of unique, persistent identifiers for researchers and scholars that is open, non-proprietary, transparent, mobile, and community-based. ORCID allows you to reliably and unambiguously link your members with their complete, correct, and current record of professional and creative activities, which helps you distinguish and track their unique contributions.