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The ORBIT project

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The ORCID Reducing Burden and Improving Transparency (ORBIT) project engages funders to use persistent identifiers to automate and streamline the flow of research information between systems.

ORBIT rests on a simple idea: by pooling our know-how and influence, we can deliver a huge step forward for the transparency and reliability of research information.

ORCID iDs serve as keys that permit researchers to easily share information with research systems. For these benefits to be realized, each sector of the research community - funders, publishers, universities - needs to engage with researchers to collect ORCID iDs, store them in their systems, and actively share information with embedded identifiers.

ORBIT will develop and test practical uses of identifiers in funder grant management systems. The project aims to make it easier for researchers to share information, improve the accuracy of shared information; enrich the types of information that can be easily shared; and reduce reporting burden for researchers and funders alike. This helps funders to keep in touch with what is happening during the lifetime of the project, and researchers to have more time to contribute to these projects.

ORBIT is targeted at the funding community and has two components: a funder network and demonstration projects. Funders are invited to participate in our:

  • Funder Working Group: A funder network with the aim of exploring the use of PIDs in enabling research information sharing, access, and accountability. Group outputs will include developing policy and communications resources  
  • Pathfinder Projects: Practical demonstration projects to enable data connections in their systems using PIDs.  Group outputs will be centered on producing in-practice PID integrations

Ultimately, ORBIT will optimize an open infrastructure that supports open research.  Project success will increase the efficiency of grant application workflows; improve the ease of program data collection; and result in more systems sharing more research information.

Are you interested in participating in ORBIT?  Would you like more information about ORCID and funding organizations?  Watch this ORCID/NIH-hosted webinar - and contact us.