Universities and research organizations are integrating ORCID identifiers into repositories, researcher information systems, and campus directories. They are also making it easier for their faculty, researchers, and students to create ORCID iDs.

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About ORCID integrations at universities and research institutes

Universities and other research organizations are embedding ORCID identifiers into repositories, electronic theses and dissertations, research information systems, human resources, and more, and many are supporting the adoption of ORCID identifiers by making it easier for their students, faculty, and researchers to create ORCID iDs.

Here are some useful resources:


Slides, videos, and posters from the May 2014 ORCID Outreach Meeting about university integrations

Webinar slides & recordings: Identification of Early Career Researchers: How Universities and Funding Organizations are Using ORCID, 23 April 2014

John Vaughn, Executive Vice President, Association of American Universities: Integration of Persistent Identifiers: a University Perspective, presented at the October 2013 ORCID Outreach Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Rebecca Bryant, Overview of ORCID, presentation for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries.

Chris Dorney, Boston University: Integrating ORCID in Profiles and Screen Shots, presented at the May 2013 ORCID Outreach Meeting, Oxford.

Thorsten Hoellrigl, Avedas: Using ORCID iDs to support institutional reporting systems, presented at the May 2013 ORCID Outreach Meeting, Oxford.

Blogs and publications

Laure Haak, David Baker, and Thorsten Hoellrigl, CASRAI and ORCID: Putting the pieces together to collaboratively support the research community, Procedia Computer Science 33 ( 2014 ) 284 – 288

Rebecca Bryant, Connecting researchers with their research through community adoption of ORCID

Rebecca Bryant, Empowering Graduate Student Research: Linking ORCID Identifiers to Theses and Dissertations

Rebecca Bryant, Universities Now Creating ORCID iDs for their Researchers and Scholars

LaureL Haak, ORCID: Connecting researchers and scholars with their works, Insights, the UKSG journal, 26:3 (November 2013).

Martin Fenner and Laure Haak, Unique Identifiers for Researchers, a chapter in Opening Science: The Evolving Guide on How the Web is Changing Research, Collaboration and Scholarly Publishing, Sönke Bartling and Sascha Friesike, editors.

California Digital Library, Researchers – get your ORCID