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ORCID offers an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows your systems and applications to connect to the ORCID registry, including reading from and writing to ORCID records. Some API functions are freely available to anyone; others are provided as a thank you  to organizations that financially support ORCID with an annual membership subscription.

  • Public API: Freely available to anyone
  • Basic Member API: Available to ORCID members who subscribe at the Basic level
  • Premium Member API: Available to ORCID members who subscribe at the Premium level

Interested in becoming and ORCID member? Learn more about membership

Comparing the ORCID APIs

  Public API Basic Member API Premium Member API
Get authenticated ORCID iD
Search/retrieve public data
ORCID iDs & data made public by iD holders
Search/retrieve member-subscriber data
Subject to permissions granted by iD holders
Update notifications (webhooks)
API-based notifications when changes happen on ORCID iDs that you are watching
Add to and update ORCID records
Subject to permissions granted by iD holders
Facilitated creation of new ORCID Records  
Peer support group
Webinar/email support  

Getting started with the ORCID API

API access is granted through a set of credentials used by your system or application. These credentials enable machine-to-machine communication. Credentials consist of a client application ID and client secret. To obtain credentials and learn more about using the API, see instructions at the links below.

Public API

Public credentials are available to anyone who has an ORCID account.

Member API

Member credentials are only available to organization that are ORCID members. While considering membership, you may request credentials to use on our Sandbox testing site.