László Makra



CURRICULUM VITAE LÁSZLÓ MAKRA He is a full professor at the Institute of Economics and Rural Development, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Szeged, Hungary. DATA OF SCIENTIFIC QUALIFICATIONS 1995: PhD 2004: Habilitation SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY Scientific publications in international journals : 126 Edited book: 1 Book chapter: 26 Conference publications: 66 Scientific publications, total: 429 Total Impact Factor: 82.247 RESEARCH FIELD Background aerosol, urban air pollution, ragweed, ragweed pollen (statistics, transport, forecast), pollen climatology; ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: Organising 4 international scientific research expeditions (1990: China 1994: China; 1996: Indonesia; 1998: Brasil) in order to study regional background aerosol; MEMBER IN DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: 1977– : Hungarian Meteorological Society; 1996– : Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; 1999– : elected member in Hungarian meteorological Society; 2001– : founding internal member in Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, University of Szeged; EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER: 1995- …: Acta Climatologica et Chorologica, Universitatis Szegediensis; 2012- …: International Journal of Biometeorology; 2013- …: Annals of West University of Timişoara, Series of Biology (Timişoara, Romania); 2013- …: Journal of Climatology; 2014- …: Archives of Otolaryngology and Rhinology; 2015- …: Science, Technology and Development; 2015-….: Journal of Natural Products Research Updates; 2015-….: Advances in Modern Oncology Research; GUEST EDITOR IN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL: International Journal of Environment and Pollution, Special Issue: „Air Pollution”, 2007-2009; (Impact Factor: 0.626); EXECITUVE MEMBERSHIP 2014- : International Ragweed Society; CONFERENCES Lectures held at international conferences: Honolulu (Hawaii, USA, 1999); Taipei (Taiwan, 2000); Loutraki (Greece, 2001); Istanbul (Turkey, 2001); Durban (South-Africa, 2002); Lodz (Poland, 2003); Nicosia (Cyprus, 2004); Johannesburg (South-Africa, 2005); Lucknow (India, 2005); Athens (Greece, 2006); Mexico City (Mexico, 2007); Timişoara (Romania, 2013; 2015); HONOURS AND AWARDS 1st prize of the publication proposal of the Szegedi Academic Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, 1984; "Szabó Ervin book writing proposal", Útmutató Publisher, Special Award, 2000; SZÉCHENYI ISTVÁN SCHOLARSHIP, 2001; „PRO METEOROLOGIA” award and plaque, 2002 (Ministry of Environment, Hungary); „THE FAVOURITE AWARD”, 2003 (Travelling prize for the best professor in geography selected by the students.); „GOLD CHALK AWARD”, 2005 (Prize for the best professor, University of Szeged, Faculty of Science); Societas Scientarium Savariensis, elected full member, 2005; Szeged, December 18, 2016

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