David Simmons



Currently a lecturer in psychology, I have spent most of my academic career researching visual perception. My early work (D.Phil. thesis) was on stereo vision, combined with aspects of basic spatial vision like contrast sensitivity. I subsequently worked on visual texture and curvature perception (with David Foster) and then the combination of colour and stereo vision (with Fred Kingdom). Since returning to the UK in 1995, my research interests have broadened considerably to include visual aesthetics (especially the link between colour and emotion), visual appearance (in particular how best to characterize post-surgical facial scarring), synaesthesia and, my current main focus, perception in Autism Spectrum Disorders. This latter interest has resulted in work on "sub-group" committees of the Scottish Government's "Scottish Strategy for Autism" and I am now a member of the editorial boards of the journals "Perception/i-Perception" and "The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders".

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