Tatyana Sereda



I, Sereda Tatyana Mykolaevna, was born on December, 4, 1981 in Petrovo, Kirovograd region. Since 1989 till 1999 I have studied at the I-III degree school No. 2 in the city of Mogilev-Podilsky, Vinnytsia region. In the same year I entered the National Aerospace University by M.E. Zhukovsky "KhAI", the faculty of Aircraft Building. In February 2005, I graduated from the University and received a full degree at the Department of "Planes and Helicopters" and was qualified as a Mechanical Engineer. Since November, 2005, I started working at the National Aerospace University by M.E. Zhukovsky "KhAI" in the CAD / CAM / CAE Education Center, and since 2015, I work as an assistant of Chair 103 of Planes and Helicopters Design. Married. Family members: a husband - Sereda Olexiy Mykolayevich, August 3, 1981; a son - Sereda Andriy Olexiyovych, December, 13, 2007, a daughter - Sereda Arina Olexiivna, February, 26, 2010.

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