Goncalo da Costa



I completed my PhD in biochemistry at ITQB in 2008. The PhD work was mainly performed at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science and in the University of Southern Denmark. After the PhD I start my post-doc at Enzymology group at Faculty of sciences of Lisbon University (FCUL), to study amyloid diseases. Albeit being a post-doc, I was able to conduct independent research and secure funding for my research being the PI of a FCT project (PTDC/QUI-BIQ/123060/2010) and I was awarded the 2011 Junior Research Grant from the Amyloidosis Foundation. This agency funds excellent research in the amyloid field and awards only one junior research grant per year worldwide. During 2013 I was in Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona as Senior Researcher in the MS Core facility. In total I have 28 (two as corresponding author) publications in international indexed peer-reviewed journals with and H factor of 13(Scopus), 5 abstracts in international conference proceedings, 12 oral communications and 42 posters. Im 2015 was nominated as a MC Member to COST Action BM1403 Native Mass Spectrometry and Related Methods for Structural Biology. The aim of this Action is to nucleate a group of researchers with a common interest, namely developing and applying new biomolecular mass spectrometry (MS) methods in order to make the characterisation of protein structure and dynamcis more rapid and routine. Methods include non-denaturing MS approaches in combination with ion mobility, as well as hydrogen-deuterium exchange, chemical crosslinking and other labeling techniques together with computational approaches. This toolbox will be made available to the broader scientific community, and will greatly enhance our ability to design new drugs and ensure the quality and efficacy of biopharmaceuticals, thereby benefiting human health. In 2014 BioMimetx won the NOVO BANCO Concurso Nacional de Inovação! BioMimetx, won in the category of "Natural Resources and Environment". This National innovation competition is in its 10th edition having started in 2005. It aims to disseminate and reward research projects applied to critical sectors for the future of the Portuguese economy, such as renewable energy, healthcare, industrial processes, among others. In 2014 BioMimetx won the award for Best Presentation of an emerging company in the Cleantech Summit Rotterdam, held the past 20th and 21st November in Rotterdam. The CleanTech Summit Rotterdam 2014 was organized by Tech Tour and the International Venture Club and aimed to promote networking among emerging companies, companies in consolidation and investors operating in Europe in the field of clean energy. In this event participated 36 emerging companies, 20 companies in expansion and 70 venture capital firms and business angels

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