Lúcio Lara Santos



Lúcio José de Lara Santos, MD, PhD, is senior surgeon, Professor of Surgical Oncology, former director of the Digestive Pathology Unit, currently the coordinator of the Experimental Pathology and Therapeutics Group and member of the PIO’s Surgical Oncology Department. He also serves as Adviser of Oncology for ONCOCIR - Education and Care in Oncology, Angola. Prof. Santos received MD degrees from both Agostinho Neto University, Angola, and Nova University, Lisboa, Portugal. He received his PhD in Surgery and Oncobiology from Porto University, Porto, Portugal. He served a fellowship in General Surgery at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology and received specialized training in esophageal surgery at Leiden Academy and in liver surgery at Hôpital Paul Brousse in Villejuif, France, and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Prof. Santos’ research interests include surgical oncology and carcinogenesis, working in Portugal and Angola. As a Consultant Surgical Oncologist and General Surgeon in the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (Digestive Pathology and Breast Cancer Unit), Prof. de Lara Santos conducts research in experimental pathology and oncology, including gastrointestinal, breast cancer, and cancers related to infections. He has extensive experience in organizing oncology facilities such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical oncology services, and in standardizing procedures and teaching of general medicine, surgery, and oncology. Additionally, Prof. de Lara Santos is the author or coauthor of nearly 60 peer-reviewed publications in journals including Nature Communications, Annals of Oncology, BMC Cancer, British Journal of Cancer, and Molecular Oncology.

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