Klaas Wynne



In the ultrafast/slow chemical physics group, we are interested in the structure and dynamics of liquids and solutions. We experimentally study peptides, proteins, and other biomolecules but treat them as amorphous blobs behaving much like liquids. We are especially interested in phase behaviour such as supercooling of liquids, folding transitions in peptides, nucleation of crystals from solution, and liquid-liquid and liquid-crystalline transitions. The experimental techniques we apply cover 18-orders of magnitude of dynamic range: from the femtosecond motion of molecules to the hour-long timescale of some phase transitions. The group has a large number of national and international collaborators. These collaborators help with the theoretical description of the experiments or add experimental techniques to our arsenal such as other spectroscopies, neutron and x-ray scattering, chemical synthesis, zoology, etc.

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